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Please be as detailed as possible. We often recommend a detail clean or specialty clean if it has been awhile since your last cleaning or if you have multiple indoor pets. Feel free to call with any questions!

Here are some examples of adding extra "TLC":
Kitchen - Grease build-up, excessive dishes (more than 1 load), Floors needing hand-scrubbing or more than light damp-mopping?
Bath - Soap build-up, mildew, mold,water spots on shower walls or shower doors, hairspray build-up, floors needing more than light damp-mopping?
Furniture - Extra dusty or lots of knick knacks?
Clutter - Areas with lots of stuff, clothes, papers, toys?
Pet Hair - Upholstery needs vacuuming, excessive hair on floors, carpets or rugs?
Three months or more - It has been longer than 3 months since you have had your home professionally cleaned?

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